Leadership Council

The Leadership Council (LC) is our governing body, with up to 7 elected members, and our Pastors.  They meet once a month to discuss, pray and discern God’s direction for our Church.  Once elected (at the church AGM), a member is on Council for a 2-year term, and may be re-elected 2 more times. We endeavour to get a good cross-section of our church on the Leadership Council so various ages and ethnicities have a voice.  LC members act as our church elders and provide care and support for our Pastors.

Current LC Members

Carole McMinn
  • Chairperson
Albert Chang
Debbie Kim
Etim Araujo
  • Brazilian ministry
Saia Havili
Carole McMinn
  • Chinese Ministry
Sophia Sharpe
  • Small Groups
Leadership Flow